How to make a perfume nozzle


    Perfume bottles are very common in modern life. At […]

    Perfume bottles are very common in modern life. At present, most perfume bottles generally include a bottle body and a nozzle device arranged on the bottle body. Common perfume nozzles come in two forms: one is a ball pressure nozzle, and the other is a pressure nozzle.
As far as the press nozzle is concerned, the perfume nozzle is a liquid atomization device. Its working principle is to increase the air pressure in the perfume bottle by pressing the reciprocating movement of the nozzle, so that the liquid in the perfume bottle can be sprayed out. However, in the existing perfume nozzle structure, it is proposed to use a spring to increase the convenience of use, but the installation position of the spring will contact the perfume, which will reduce the service life of the spring and cause difficulty in assembly and filling.

    The latest perfume nozzle adopts an external spring structure, which not only reduces the contact between the spring and the perfume, but also facilitates filling and assembly, thus improving the use function of the perfume nozzle.
The utility model is a perfume spray head, which is characterized in that, comprising:
an outer tube structure;
a piston structure movably connected to the outer tube structure;
a button structure movably connected to the piston structure; and
An outer spring is sleeved between the piston structure and the button structure, and the button structure is linked with the piston structure.

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