Introduction of Cosmetic Lipstick Tube


The lipstick tube is the most complicated and the most […]

The lipstick tube is the most complicated and the most difficult of all cosmetic packaging materials. The lipstick tube is composed of multiple components, and the functional packaging composed of different materials
The main functional parts of the lipstick tube
 1、The bead fork screw is the core component of the lipstick tube, that is, the bead, fork, spiral, bead fork screw and lubricating oil constitute the core of the lipstick tube, which is a bit like the pump core, but more complicated than the pump core. The standardized drawing of the bead fork screw must be standardized, otherwise, you will not be able to grasp the size of your own, and there will be more complicated factors after the assembly.
 2、The injection molding material must pass the material compatibility verification, otherwise compatibility problems will occur, and problems will arise when screwing up and down. The ball fork screw is the top priority. Generally speaking, the base will increase the weight of iron for the sake of feel. If there is a problem with the heavy iron glue, it means adding a risk to the inside of the lipstick tube. In addition, the vibration during transportation will cause great trouble for degumming inside.
Therefore, we should pay attention to materials such as bead fork screws and injection molding in the production.

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