What is the specific operation process of lip gloss tube injection mold processing (1)


1. Single parting surface injection mold When the mold […]

1. Single parting surface injection mold
When the mold is opened, the movable mold and the fixed mold are separated, so that the plastic parts are taken out, which is called a single parting surface mold. This processing method is one of the simple injection molds. It can be divided into single-cavity injection molds according to the design, and can be designed as multi-cavity injection molds. It is widely used in today's production.
2. Double parting surface injection mold
Double parting surface injection molding has two parting surfaces. Compared with the single parting surface injection mold, the double parting surface injection mold has a movable middle plate in the fixed part, so this injection mold is called a three-parting surface. Plate injection mold. It is commonly used in single-cavity or multi-cavity group molds for point gate feeding.
3. Injection mold with lateral parting and core pulling mechanism
When the plastic part has side holes or side depressions, it is necessary to use a core or slider that can move laterally. After injection molding, the movable mold will move down a certain distance, and then the inclined surface of the curved pin fixed on the fixed platen forces the slider to move outwards. At this time, the push rod of the demoulding mechanism pushes the plastic part from the core.


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