Can I still use expired mascara?


Many people know that their mascara has expired and are […]

Many people know that their mascara has expired and are still using it. They think that the mascara can be used all the time as long as it does not dry out, but in fact, it is best not to use the expired mascara.
Although some mascaras do not dry out after expiration, or do not seem to deteriorate, they can still make the eyelashes darker, thicker, and longer, covering the tiredness of the eyes and making the eyes look big and energetic, but the liquid of mascara can breed bacteria , these bacteria are invisible to the naked eye. The position of the eyelashes is very close to the eyes. It exists to protect the eyes and block damage. Long-term use of expired mascara will damage the eyes.
New research shows that some British women are at risk of blindness after using 10-year-old mascara, and surveys show that 70% of women use mascara or eyeliner for far longer than they should, with three Two-thirds of women use the same mascara for a year in the country of origin, and some women are unaware of the expiry date of products such as mascara.
In addition to the use of mascara beyond the expiry date, many people's mascara has not reached the expiry date due to improper maintenance, or there are problems with the product that has just been opened within the shelf life.

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