Comparison of the advantages of cosmetic aluminum tube and plastic tube


Advantages of Aluminum Tubes 1. The aluminum material d […]

Advantages of Aluminum Tubes
1. The aluminum material does not rust, its oxides are non-toxic, have good shading properties, and have excellent moisture and gas barrier properties.
2. Good processing performance, no resilience, high thermal conductivity, good ductility and sealing, and sufficient protection for the contents.
3. The manufacturing process of the aluminum tube is simple and not easy to break.
4. It has the functions of easy use, storage, transportation, environmental protection, durability, beauty and easy identification.
5. The aluminum tube with inner spray is not easy to react with the contents, and does not change the performance of the packaged items
Advantages of plastic pipes
1. Plastic is a synthetic high molecular polymer, which has the characteristics of light weight, collision resistance and not easy to break.
2. The plastic tube is relatively soft, has excellent extrusion resistance, and is easy to extrude.
3. The materials used in plastic pipes are relatively cheap, so the cost of enterprises is low and the economy is better. However, plastic ointment tubes also have some obvious shortcomings, such as high air permeability and moisture permeability, poor heat resistance and stability, high thermal expansion rate, easy combustion, poor dimensional stability, easy deformation, and poor low temperature resistance. , It is easy to become brittle and aging at low temperature.

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