What are the choices of colors in cosmetic packaging materials?


1. Red series The red with higher purity is mostly the […]

1. Red series
The red with higher purity is mostly the first choice for mature or light mature women, which can show the sexy and charming side. The lipstick tube has excellent gas barrier properties, which can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and peculiar gases, and at the same time prevent the exudation of the content of the fragrance and active ingredients.
2. Yellow
The yellow and orange series have bright brightness and high purity, which can give people a feeling of peace, gentleness, liveliness and relaxation, so using this color can make the packaging materials of cosmetics more friendly.
3. Blue series
Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, giving people a sense of freshness, calmness, reason (referring to sober, calm, and realistic thinking), safety, and trustworthiness. Some cosmetics developed with relatively high-tech or innovative technologies are mostly designed in blue. In addition, blue is also easy to associate with water, and hydrating skin care products can be considered blue, which not only conveys the hydrating effect of the product, but can also feel hydrating for women.
4. Green system
Green is the color of plants, representing nature as well as life and hope. Many people pursue healthy and natural beauty, so cosmetics often use green as the main theme of design, especially some products containing plant formula, which not only effectively convey product information, but also give people a natural aesthetic feeling.
5. Purple
Purple is a rare color in nature, symbolizing noble, elegant, mysterious and gorgeous character. And purple is also the most charming and feminine, so for the packaging design of women's cosmetics and perfumes, purple is a more commonly used color.
6. Golden
The golden color is mostly used in the design of high-end cosmetic packaging materials for mature women, also known as; metallic color; mainly refers to between gold and silver, also known as; glossy color;. Gold and silver are very noble and gorgeous colors. Gold is warmer and silver is cooler. Gold is gorgeous and silver is elegant, giving people a sense of grandeur and symbolizing power and wealth. All colors can be paired with gold and add brilliance to it.

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