What's wrong with cosmetic packaging materials? (1)


In the entire cosmetic processing and production proces […]

In the entire cosmetic processing and production process, packaging materials are a link that is prone to problems. Based on our several years of production experience, we have summarized some common problems with cosmetic packaging materials, which may delay product production or even cause packaging materials. Let's take a look at scrap.
Review of label content on packaging materials
1. The naming of the product name conforms to the cosmetic naming rules.
2. Prohibited words, in line with the provisions of Order No. 100, cannot appear with national prohibited words, such as water light needle, moisturizing factor and other words.
3. The entrusting party and the entrusting party need to mark the full name and address.
4. Four ways to correctly label the origin, a Guangdong Province; b Shantou City, Guangdong Province; c Guangdong; d Shantou, Guangdong.  
5. Two correct ways of labeling the shelf life, a production date + shelf life; b production batch number + limited use date.
6. Ingredient labeling, in line with GB5296.3.

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