Which cosmetic packaging is the safest?


There are mainly three types of materials: plastic, gla […]

There are mainly three types of materials: plastic, glass and metal. Have you ever wondered which one is used the most? Which one is the most suitable and safest?
Cosmetic packaging is mostly plastic, accounting for 80%, followed by glass, accounting for only 8%. And using more does not mean that plastic is more suitable for filling skin care products. The main reason is the high variability of plastics, various sizes
Grid, shape, color, transparent, opaque can be done. Light weight, easy transportation, good printability, and recyclability are all reasons why plastic containers are more preferred. The fate of plastics is that they are not heat-resistant and have insufficient light-blocking properties.
, Poor solvent resistance (especially grease).
Therefore, the first bottleneck of plastic containers is that they cannot be sterilized by high-temperature steam, cannot be washed with water, and cannot be sterilized by light. In addition, considering the stability of the contents, some skin care items are not suitable for packaging in plastic containers.
Compared with plastic, the cosmetic packaging made of glass is heat-resistant, light-resistant and solvent-resistant, and definitely wins. Therefore, unless it is low-quality glass, the most suitable home for skin care products is a glass container.
Metal cosmetic packaging is subject to many restrictions on the molding style. Most of the containers are cylinders (essential oil bottles) and wide-mouth bottles (lip balm). Accessories.


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